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detecto 439 scale manual

The high and narrow platform size make these scales harder to use for elderly and people with a wide stance. We're always here to help if you need advice on what kind of weight scale that might be best for your needs. Here's how to contact us.If ya need to know about how long your order will take, contact us before ordering and we'll be happy to check. I guess that's the price ya pay for getting that Detecto quality! You'll want to keep manipulating the smaller weigh until the hand and counter hands line up. You can even read weights from behind the scale if you want thanks to the double-sided beams. Height Rod This mechanical eye level beam scale comes complete with a height rod to attach, turning the 439 beam scale into the ultimate measuring station. Get weight and height all in one spot. Durable Construction You'll be able to get accurate weight readings day after day with the Detecto 439. This medical scale is built with a durable, steel frame with an electrostatic powder paint finish and a removable platform, for easy cleaning. No Batteries Here You won't have to ever worry about running out of battery power, or trying to find a wall outlet, with this beam scale.After assembly, use the adjustment screw to balance the beam exactly at zero weight. The height measurement is nice to have and it does not interfere at all with the weight measurement. Packaging needs to be improved. The bottom piece (where you stand) came with all parts disassembled and it is intended to come assembled. Had a little bit of a tough time to reassemble but did it and the scale works great. From ordering to calling for help to reassemble the stand. I will buy again from OldWillKnottScales not necessarily for the scale brand itself but for the store brand! Thank you for offering such great quality for a very reasonable price. Although the weight of the product was a little hard for me to handle, I was able to assemble the parts myself following your directions.

This will no doubt last longer than I will but others will use it for a long time. Thanks for a great quality for a price I could afford. I would definitely buy again. Between ordering and reception on my doorstep only took a few days. The video on the website about assembly made putting it together much easier than expected. Now I noticed that it is the same scale that is used at my gym. Much, much more reliable than any spring or electronic floor scale that I have used in the past. Thank you. Best price and shipping at OldWillKnott. Delivery was just as advertised. Very well satisfied with this product and service. It is exactly what I have been looking for for a long time. Zkuste se vratit zpatky na predchozi stranku, nebo se podivejte do naseho Centra napovedy pro vice informaci Ga tilbage til den forrige side, eller besog Hj?lp for at fa flere oplysninger Versuchen Sie, zur vorherigen Seite zuruckzukehren, oder besuchen Sie unseren Hilfebereich, um mehr zu erfahren. Try going back to the previous page or see our Help Center for more information Intenta volver a la pagina anterior o visita nuestro Centro de ayuda para mas informacion. Essayez de retourner a la page precedente ou consultez notre assistance clientele pour plus d’informations Coba kembali ke halaman sebelumnya atau lihat Pusat Bantuan kami untuk informasi lebih lanjut Prova a tornare alla pagina precedente o visita il nostro Centro assistenza per saperne di piu.

Cuba kembali ke laman sebelumnya atau lihat Pusat Bantuan kami untuk maklumat lanjut Probeer terug te gaan naar de vorige pagina of bezoek het Help Center voor meer informatie Ga tilbake til forrige side eller besok var brukerstotte for mer informasjon Sprobuj wrocic do poprzedniej strony lub nasze Centrum pomocy, aby uzyskac wiecej informacji Volte para a pagina anterior ou visite nossa Central de Ajuda para mais informacoes Reveniti la pagina anterioara sau consultati Centrul nostru de asistenta pentru mai multe informatii Ga tillbaka till foregaende sida eller besok vart Hjalpcenter for mer information Subukang bumalik sa nakaraang pahina o tingnan ang aming Help Center para sa higit pang impormasyon Stay Up-to-Date on Current News. USA-manufactured long-lasting, durable steel construction with an electrostatic powder paint finish for optimum quality. USA-manufactured long-lasting, durable steel construction with an electrostatic powder paint finish for optimum quality. The dual-reading height rod measures in inches or centimeters at a glance, and the platform cover can be easily removed for cleaning. Bulletin No. C199C Page 2: Specify Detecto The dual-reading, d Thank you, for helping us keep this platform clean. The editors will have a look at it as soon as possible. Please try again.Please try again.Please try again later.In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. Register a free business account Not for children under 3 yrs. The platform cover is easily removed for cleaning. The die-cast beam can be easily read from either side.

Detecto continues to set the pace in the clinical scale industry, backed by over a century of leadership. Detecto physician scale features a time-honored reputation for rigid construction and precision engineering. This assures an unbeatably rugged product that guarantees accuracy and durability. Detecto scales are tested with weights traceable to the U.S. Bureau of Standards. Weight Capacity 400 lbs x 4 oz.To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. Please try again later. JohnWDIII 5.0 out of 5 stars Instructions were good - and I consider it. As a former design engineer I really did not want to get stuck with a product that would not be repeatable each time I stepped on it. 1st thing I did was on and off 5 times - it always read the same. Assembly was quick and easy. Instructions were good - and I consider it to be well made. It is not cheap but is a great value - and worth every cent. Heavy gauge metal - cast parts - easy to assemble, adjust, use, and to read. Could not ask for anything better. VERY pleased. Then the next day I go to a new doc - and surprise they weighed me in on the EXACT same scale. The nurse was wondering why I was checking it out so carefully.Worth a chuckle!At first the rails are a little rough, and the castings are not as pretty Aluminum isn't as shiny as stainless steel but that does not interfere with function hard to hook the union of upper to lower works on carpet fairly well, but I will get a plywood square and some carpet anchors to sit it on to decrease slight movement with weight shift, something like the carpet adaptors for large stereo speakers Overall I am very pleased.

The build quality is sufficient for my purposes - an accurate and believable early morning daily weighing The mechanical nature plus the balance tune up every morning ( taking 30 seconds) helps me avoid a state of denial as to the consequences of diet choices I will now stop throwing out dead electronic scales every couple of years and no more batteries in landfills for this. It will last as long as me or longer. Two notes on assembly: the mating of the upper hook to the lower scale rod is hard for big fingers. It stumped me for a few minutes, till I took a hemostat to grab and deliver the hook very easily. Finally It was very satisfying to buy quality and durability Made in America which builds our economy rather than buying from other places and eliminating American jobs and continuing the erosion of the middle class.It was nicely packed. I unpacked it. It appears undamaged. I layed out onto the floor the three major pieces and a packet of 6-bolts and 6-washers. No assembly and setup instructions were included. No warranty was included. No maintenance instruction were included. No seller contact information was included. I should be able to get it aseembled, and see some helpful hints among the Reviewers’ comments.Detecto (not the vendor) sent me a replacement scale, and I was allowed to keep my damaged one until I received the replacement. Here's the news: The two independently adjusted scales agreed to within one tenth of a pound!!! Wow!!! Now you can argue that that was pure luck and maybe both were precisely wrong, but the odds are about 20-to-1 in favor of Detecto here. Other scales had mixed reviews, but this one really stood out in that regard. I haven't been disappointed. The scale is exactly what I needed. I will say that I've found the scale to be insensitive to how I stand on the platform: positioning and (equivalently) leaning have no effect on the reading, and the readings are absolutely repeatable.

Achieving independence of position on the platform is the most challenging part of designing this type of scale. Detecto has achieved near-perfect design and execution in this regard. Inconsistency is the reason why I replaced my floor scale. Of course consistency doesn't prove accuracy, but inconsistency does guarantee inaccuracy. Other reviewers have done a great job of verifying accuracy on this scale in real-world tests, so I won't go down that path. I'm very, very pleased with this scale. The weight of the scale was apparently a compromise between sturdiness and being manageable for shipping as well as handling by consumers. At least one reviewer thought it was too light. I think it's a good compromise. It's not so heavy that I had any problem getting the box upstairs, and the assembled scale can be easily slid around and even picked up and carried as needed. Even though it is lighter, cheaper to ship, and easier to move around, it is every bit as sensitive as the scales in physicians' offices. (Of course, I won't have unruly children jumping up and down on it either. That kind of thing is virtually guaranteed as the Public flows through a doctor's office. I've known one adult who routinely kicked the scale when she didn't like what it told her!) After inspecting the scale closely, inside and out, I'm convinced it's more than sturdy enough for many, many years of use by reasonable people. It's perfect for me. I'm placing the scale on a carpet. The carpet is not super thick. The only adverse effect is that the scale can tip right or left a little bit as I get on or off -- this is of no consequence to me. The carpet has no effect whatever on the accuracy of the scale, which is something I was concerned about. The carpet makes no contact with moving parts. So long as your carpet or rug is not so thick as to make the scale tippy and unsafe, you should be able to put the scale right on it.

If it's tippy enough to be unsafe, you could put a wide, rigid foundation of something like half-inch plywood under it. Thanks to prior reviews, I had no issues with assembly. All you need is a medium size Phillips screwdriver. Adjustment is easy with a small to medium flat-blade screwdriver. I'm going to put everything I learned down in one place here for your reference, including adjustment, which is not covered in the manual. Unpack the scale carefully, locating all the paperwork and the little pouch containing the hardware. All you need of the hardware are the six Phillips screws and six tooth-washers. The scale is boxed as only two separate major pieces: the base with the floating platform and the column with the mast (with beam) at the top. There is also a PVC black cover that slips over the floating platform (to protected it from scratches and direct exposure to feet) You can always pull the cover off and wash it if needed. Once the parts are unpacked, your very first step should be to carefully turn the base over, platform down, and remove the cardboard piece that is wedged between components inside. (Others have overlooked this, and the scale will not work properly if the cardboard is not removed.) When you turn it over, be gentle and don't bend the mounting bracket tabs on the top of the platform. It is easier to remove the cardboard if you have a box cutter or utility knife. Once the cardboard is removed, gently turn the base back over. Make sure the mounting bracket tabs are straight. If they are slightly bent, you can straighten them without using pliers. From here on, assembly is nothing more than the proper mating of the column with the base and engaging the mechanism. You may want to leave the protective materials on the mast until you've finished those two steps. Before mounting the column, take note of the metal rod with a hook in it that sticks out of the bottom of the column. It is called the Draft Rod in the instructions.

When you mount the column, it goes through the hole in the base where you will connect it later to the platform lever. It will be obvious that this is the mechanical connection from the floating platform in the base to the balance beam at the top. With the tabs sticking straight up, slip the column over them with the Draft Rod (with the hook) going into the hole, and seat the column firmly. I was able to do this by myself, but you may feel more comfortable having someone hold the column at this point. Be sure that the Draft Rod (with the hook) drops into the hole in the base. (It should be hard to mess this up.) If you have the column seated properly, the screw holes in the column should line up approximately with the holes in the mounting bracket tabs. One reviewer had a problem with the column not having a tight mounting to the base. If your mounting tabs are straight and the holes line up properly, you should not have to worry about that. The next step is to secure the column with the six screws with washers. First, do one on each side to secure the column and then do the rest. It is a little awkward to tighten the lowest screw on the platform side. A stubby screwdriver might make it easier, but I got by without bothering with one. If the screws are all tight, the column should be tightly secured to the base. There should be no looseness there at all. The last step in the assembly is to connect the Draft Rod (with the hook) to the platform lever. To do this, you will need to lay the column horizontally over something so that you can easily get to the underside of the base. The instructions don't want you to just lay it on the floor, presumably because that might put too much stress on the mast. The manual tells you to use a table. I placed a towel over a step-stool and set it on that. In a pinch, you could do it on the floor with the base on the floor and some pillows under the upper part of the column to keep the mast and beam from contacting the floor.

Once in position, the base should be pointing downward from the column. As you face the base, the column is at the top. You are going to hook the Draft Rod over the platform lever. The lever is actually an assembly, made of two heavy pieces of flat steel that run down the middle of the base. The two flat pieces are connected by a small square bar, which is near the top of the lever as you face the underside of the base. You are going to hook the Draft Rod around the connecting bar. The lever is pictured in the assembly instructions. First you need to locate the Draft Rod (with the hook) and pull it toward you and away from the lever. With the lever pushed in, you should have no problem slipping the hook over it. Next release the lever, leaving the hook in place. This whole process takes less than 10 seconds. Turn the scale back upright; slip the cover over the platform; and assembly is completed. Adjusting the scale is easy. You'll need a flat-blade screwdriver. Remove all the packing materials, tape, etc. Set the two sliding weights to their far-left (zero) positions. My scale was already perfectly adjusted WITHOUT the platform cover. When I added the cover, I had to adjust. You want to adjust the screw on the left end of the silver beam assembly. Turning the screw allows you to move a weight to make the pointer at right end of the beam move to the center of its opening. You do not have to wait until the pointer stops moving. If its motion is centered between the stops, it is properly adjusted. Turning the screw clockwise makes the beam pointer move up; counterclockwise makes it move down. I had to adjust the screw less than half a turn. It is easy to do. When that process is complete, you're done. Congratulations! Now for my damage problem. The scale is packed in a tall, wide, flat box. The ding in my column was caused by a blow near the center of the box. The Styrofoam blocks around the mast and beam provide good protection there and the base is double boxed.

The long column, however, extends down the middle of the large, flat, outer box from top to bottom. There is no Styrofoam around the column. If significant pressure is applied to the center of the box, the cardboard walls will flex and touch the column. In other words the column has woefully inadequate protection. All that is needed is some protection at the center of the column, which would support the box and provide the necessary insulation from the usual (brutal) handling by shippers. This seller used FedEx, normally the best. So, while the scale gets five stars, the packing gets one. I could go through the hassle of trying to do a return, but I have a life outside of dealing with this kind of thing. Even though I saved the shipping container (which is impossible to open without some tearing), and even though I routinely return damaged merchandise, repacking and shipping this scale would cost me time that is worth more to me than the price of another scale. I'd rather spend any further time on this scale writing a review. I'll live with the ding in the column. It's a compromise that I'll have to make, and it's a routine part of dealing with online retailers. When I sent them an e-mail describing the damage, they ignored me. Detecto, on the other hand was great. They sent me a new scale, which, as I said previously, I was able to compare to the damaged one. Detecto clearly cares about their customers. Login to post How do I get lock off. Buttons will not do anything because the lock is on? You could try these 'resources' though Visit the detecto official website (I couldn't find the manual there) and use the support tab at the left edge of thar page or find contact details and ask detecto for a manual. I think detecto have a facebook page. Login to facebook and go to (I'm not sure that you have to be logged in but I w3as and went straight to that page).

It is about problems with a D220 AND HAS CONTACT DETAILS FoR YOUR PROBLEM (from 2013 though) finally if do get a manual upload it to the fixya manuals collection 11.May.2016Instructions are there to assemble the scale and that should help. Otherwise you can call the folks at Wholesale Point. They are authorized dealers and know the products very after putting your download query click searchHow do I get lock off. Buttons will not do anything because the lock is on? Answer questions, earn points and help others. The platform cover is easily removed for cleaning. The die-cast beam can be easily read from either side. The platform cover is easily removed for cleaning. The die-cast beam can be easily read from either side. Detecto continues to set the pace in the clinical scale industry, backed by over a century of leadership. Every Detecto physician scale features a time-honored reputation for rigid construction and precision engineering. This assures an unbeatably rugged product that guarantees accuracy and durability. All Detecto scales are tested with weights traceable to the U.S. Bureau of Standards. Detecto scales set the standard in hospitals, clinics and doctors offices worldwide. That translates to low maintenance costs. The scale is delivered in 2 parts - all that is required for assembly is to attach the column to the base More Detecto Mechanical Eye-Level Physician Scale, Pounds. USA-manufactured long-lasting, durable steel construction with an electrostatic powder paint finish for optimum quality. Capacity may be increased by using an optional counterweight. Scale is 59 inch (150 cm) high. Height rod, wheels and handpost features available. Detecto is the largest medical scale manufacturer in the United States. Wholesale Point is an authorized dealer for Cardinal Detecto Scales - so dig in, research, compare, ask questions and buy with confidence.

This particular item’s manufacturer part number (MPN) is 439, the UPC code is 809161133103, has 2 years warranty and was made in China. Includes Freight Items.